Regional Food Distribution Association
of Northwestern Ontario

Harvest for Hunger!

Visit our volunteers at grocery stores all across Thunder Bay and drop off food or monetary donations. If you’re not able to make it to a store, you can donate by clicking the poster above!


Our Mission: “Let no one go hungry in our midst”

Our goals are as follows:

  • create a reliable and equitable emergency food delivery system throughout the region
  • coordinate food collection from: individuals, gardens, farms, processors, retailers, and organizations
  • promote the universal right to access a sustainable supply of healthy and culturally appropriate food
  • provide food related instruction and hands on food preparation volunteer opportunities

The RFDA hopes to fulfill this mission by better securing and distributing emergency food to meet the needs in Northwestern Ontario. The RDFA was formed in June 2003 to develop and implement a coordinated strategy for the delivery of donated food to community organizations who provide for those with food shortage. Its current membership includes food distributing agencies from the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario and Region.

We provide food to food banks.