Regional Food Distribution Association
of Northwestern Ontario


*****please call 622-7440 to register*****

Your child’s summer destination for cooking, gardening and community spirit!
Check out our awesome summer line up! Each week is unique.
Every Thursday in July and August the RFDA is running single day summer camps.
Full day’s are $45/child and half days, starting at 12:30pm, are $25!
All food is included!
Ages 7-12.

Thursday July 6th:CANADA’S 150th BIRTHDAY PARTY

This year marks a special milestone for Canada. Come wish Canada an extra happy 150th birthday with a day full of awesome activities! Learn about our amazing country, community and culture/traditions.

Thursday July 13th: OH CANADA

Do you know just how big and amazing our beautiful country is? Come celebrate the special place we live in! Learn about the yummy foods and different plants of each province. Try your hand at gardening. Sample delicious Canadian food!

Thursday July 20th: BEES AND BUTTERFLIES

Come learn about the importance of these beautiful garden creatures. Discover how honey is made. Learn about pollinator gardens. How to attract butterflies. Make seed bombs. Make delicious healthy food.

Thursday July 27th: ULTIMATE diy RECYCLING

Calling all crafters/craft lovers! Learn how to make recycled garden planters. Design fantasy machines, get inventive with our total crafts DIY day camp! Learn about recycling and up cycling and how it helps the environment and of course lots of delicious DIY food plus recipes to make at home!

Thursday August 3rd: FARM TO TABLE

Ever wonder how your food got on your plate? Follow food on a journey from farm to the market to the table!

Thursday August 10th: GARDEN TEA PARTY

Not your grandmother’s tea party! Come learn about how tea is made, tea growing cultures, local (kid friendly) teas, learn about herbs and edible plants!

Thursday August 17th: PIZZA DAY

Who doesn’t love pizza? Learn how to make your own! Come up with your own personal pizza combo/recipe, learn how different pizza toppings come together just like a community – to make a wonderful whole!


Lady bugs, beetles, grasshoppers! Come learn about these different garden insects, their role in the ecosystem, how to control gardne pests, and attract garden ‘friends’.


Gardens are magical! Release your inner fairy. Learn about folklore, fairytales, myths and legend. Design your own magical plant! Learn why forests/plants are truly magical. How plants help us and heal us.


Our Mission: “Let no one go hungry in our midst”

Our goals are as follows:

  • create a reliable and equitable emergency food delivery system throughout the region
  • coordinate food collection from: individuals, gardens, farms, processors, retailers, and organizations
  • promote the universal right to access a sustainable supply of healthy and culturally appropriate food
  • provide food related instruction and hands on food preparation volunteer opportunities

The RFDA hopes to fulfill this mission by better securing and distributing emergency food to meet the needs in Northwestern Ontario. The RDFA was formed in June 2003 to develop and implement a coordinated strategy for the delivery of donated food to community organizations who provide for those with food shortage. Its current membership includes food distributing agencies from the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario and Region.

We provide food to food banks.