We Provide Food for Food Banks

The Regional Food Distribution Association (RFDA) of Northwestern Ontario is one of the many food banks that collects and distributes food to shelters, homes, and people in dire need. The significant difference: they also provide food for the food banks.

The association started in June 2003 with the primary aim of alleviating hunger across the Northwestern region. Since then, the programs have prospered into more fruitful, meaningful, and diverse initiatives that further target what the RFDA primarily set up.

RFDA aims to create a reliable and equitable emergency food delivery system throughout the region, coordinate food from individuals and businesses, promote the universal right to have access to healthy food, and provide instruction on food preparation and active livelihood for sustainability. Our mission is simple, “Let no one go hungry in our midst.”

Let No One Go Hungry

RFDA aims to alleviate hunger by providing food for the far-flung areas and indigenous communities in the North West.

We go above and beyond to serve healthy meals, plant gardens, preserve food, support local businesses, and promote an active lifestyle.  These are just a few of the many initiatives and benefits that the association is offering.

(Route of distribution to provide food banks in the North West region)

“Changing the faces of hunger by transforming food banks.”

This is our cause, which is to provide food for the food banks. Other initiatives include virtual food drives, a sustainable distribution network, serving the indigenous people in the northwestern region, stamping out hunger programs, and a lot more.

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