About us

The Regional Food Distribution Association (RFDA) hopes to fulfill this mission by better securing and distributing emergency food to meet the needs in Northwestern Ontario. The RDFA was formed in June 2003 to develop and implement a coordinated strategy for the delivery of donated food to community organizations that provide for those with food shortages. Its current membership includes food distributing agencies from the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario, and the Region.

We strive to bridge the gap between those who need food and those who can provide it, by collecting and distributing food donations to remote and underserved communities. Our food programs also provides fresh and nutritious food options to those who might otherwise have limited access. We are committed to making sure that no one goes hungry in the Northwestern Ontario and are dedicated to supporting the well-being of all community members.


We Collect

We collect non-perishable and fresh food items with the support of local businesses, organizations, and individuals.


We Deliver

We transport food to remote and underserved communities in the Northern Territories by Land, Air, and Ice Roads.


We Share

We share food donations and knowledge on sustainable food practices. to help fight food Insecurity.[/lgc_column]


Our Backyard