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What are your thoughts about food insecurity in our region?

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Thunder Bay, located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, faces food insecurity challenges, like many other communities around the world. Food insecurity can manifest in various ways, and its causes can be complex. Here are some key points about food insecurity in Thunder Bay:

  1. Geographic Isolation: Thunder Bay's remote location can contribute to higher food prices and limited access to fresh and affordable food, especially in the more isolated areas of the region.

  2. Indigenous Communities: Thunder Bay has a significant Indigenous population, and some Indigenous communities in the area may experience higher rates of food insecurity due to historical and systemic factors.

  3. Income Disparities: Low-income households are at a higher risk of food insecurity. Unemployment rates and income disparities can impact people's ability to afford nutritious food.

  4. Rural Challenges: Rural areas around Thunder Bay may face additional challenges in terms of accessing grocery stores and transportation to obtain food.

  5. Food Deserts: Some neighborhoods within Thunder Bay might be considered food deserts, where residents have limited access to affordable and nutritious food options.


Leave your comments on how we can make Thunder Bay free from hunger.