Pikangikum Pilot

On Friday, January 23rd, we delivered approximately 3,000 pounds of food staples to Pikangikum.


The joy of arriving with our load was quickly extinguished by the sad news of yet another suicide, in less than a week.  Our hearts go out to the entire community, as they deal with their losses. It is our hope that we are able, in some small way, to support those that struggle with access to basic food, from time to time.  We are encouraged that the Chief and Council supported our work, and grateful for the leadership at the Pikangikum Health Centre to store and distribute the food, to those in desperate need.

The RFDA’s commitment was to respond within two weeks,  to requests from health care professionals and educators to provide a minimal supply of food that can be turned into traditional and healthy meals: flour, milk, oatmeal, ….. We plan to evaluate the variables of this pilot project; to help us customize any future responses: type of food, amounts, cost, transportation. Most importantly, we all need to be assured that we were able to feed those that are experiencing significant stresses from poverty, family crises, and health challenges.

How many people received assistance?  Was the food appropriate? What did we all learn?

I suspect that we all would like to think that our collective efforts will contribute to a reduction of more “bad news”.

We will provide those directly associated with this pilot project additional information in the form of a short report, once the data is compiled.  We will deliver on our commitment to communicate the outcomes.  Until a permanent solution is implemented that ensures a sustainable food system;  I suggest that we continue to do all that we can to   “let no one go hungry in our midst”.

May I express my gratitude to those: that made the initial ask from Pikangikum for our assistance, to my caring volunteers that re-packaged the food, and a special thanks to the leaders in the community.

Round 1 is done!

I humbly thank all of you,