During these difficult times, one cannot stress enough the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need. RFDA in particular, plays a crucial role in providing nourishment for the less fortunate. If you’ve ever considered helping out, there are plenty of ways you can contribute to the RFDA. 

Monetary donations are an excellent way to support The RFDA. Financial contributions give us the flexibility to purchase the food items we need the most and meet operation costs. While food donations are always welcome, money can often go further as we have access to wholesale prices and can buy in bulk. So, if you can, please consider making a financial donation to support us.

Donate Non-Perishable Food

One of the easiest ways to assist the RFDA is by donating non-perishable food items. These include canned goods, rice, pasta, cereals, and other staples that have a longer shelf life. As these items can be stored for extended periods, they serve as a reliable source of sustenance for those who rely on food banks. Before making your donation, You can contact us to check with our specific needs, ensuring that your contribution aligns with the requirements of the community we serve.

Contribute Fresh Produce

While non-perishable food items are incredibly valuable to us, fresh fruits and vegetables should not be overlooked. If it’s feasible for you, consider donating in-season, locally-grown produce. These fresh items not only provide a more balanced diet for those who rely on the RFDA but also support local farmers and promote sustainability. 

Volunteer Your Time

Last but by no means least, offering your time can be one of the most rewarding ways to support us. Volunteers are always needed to sort, package, and distribute food. Our kitchen relies on our volunteers to prepare meals like daily soup and sandwiches that go to community organizations. Moreover, administrative tasks such as organizing donations and coordinating volunteers are also areas where help is often required. By volunteering your time, you directly contribute to our operations, ensuring that those in need receive the support they require.

Organize a Food Drive

Another effective way to help us is by organizing a food drive at your school, workplace, or community center. Not only will this yield a significant amount of donations, but it also raises awareness about food insecurity and the role of the RFDA in our community. In addition, it fosters a sense of community, inspiring others to contribute and make a difference. Reach out to us if you need any assitance with setting up a food drive.